publish your instruction for use
for medical devices online.

Electronic instructions for use (eIFU) can be provided in place of printed versions for certain medical devices. smartifu helps you implement this arrangement and at the same time comply with applicable regulations. With smartifu, you can cut your product’s time-to-market, simplify your processes and at the same time spare the environment.

Which regulations apply in the case of eIFU for medical devices?

What are the advantages
of electronic instructions for use (eIFU) and smartifu?

They make work easier.

eIFU help you reduce inconvenient process steps, save time and improve the application safety or your medical device.

You work with professionals.

You profit from many years of experience in the field of instructions for use (both printed and electronic).

Your save money.

There are no printing costs for your instructions for use and you only pay for what you actually need.

Features & functions

Versioning instructions
for use

You define which revisions of your documents your customers can access and keep everything under control.

Complies with eIFU

 With smartifu, you will be investing in a validated platform that is within the law and that keeps you safe from any unpleasant or unexpected changes to the law.

Manage and publish

You provide your instructions for use on your own and remain independent.

Quality, security and certificates

How can I get started with smartifu?